2727A Vision for the William Shatner University Centre Building (2010)Keywords: SSMU, SSMU Building, budget, financial reports, student-run cafés, Gerts, history2010/01/01View
2711Admin shuts Arch Café, again Keywords: Architecture Café, ASA, EUS, Aramark, Morton Mendelson2010/09/09,
2782All You Can Eat Proposal emailKeywords: all-you-care-to-eat meal plan, SHHS, Ottawa, Simon Fraser2022/09/28, View
2710Arch Café emails released Keywords: Architecture Students Association, ASA, Architecture Café, EUS, Mathieu Laperle, Morton Mendelson2010/11/27,
2712Architecture Cafe was projected to lose $73,000 in ’10-’11 Keywords: Architecture Café, finances, Morton Mendelson2010/11/08,
2781AYCTE Employee Communications and FAQKeywords: Mathieu Laperle, all-you-care-to-eat meal plan, SHHS history, SHHS business model2023/04/25, View
2783AYCTE Model in Student Residences emailKeywords: SSMU, Mathieu Laperle, Board of Governors meeting, consultation, meal plan2023/02/14, View
2707Banking on Our Bellies Keywords: Midnight Kitchen, Chartwells, student-run cafés, food insecurity, history  2019/10/28, , ,
2814Carrefour Sherbrooke Survey Results – La Citadelle Students (February 2017)2017/02/01, View
2812Carrefour Sherbrooke Survey Results (February 2017)2017/02/01, View
2813Carrefour Sherbrooke Survey Results (Winter 2017)2017/02/01, View
2757Dana Amendment No.1 (January 2021)Keywords: Dana Hospitality, contract, pandemic, financial losses, finances, food provider, food services2021/01/16, View
2759Dana Amendment No.2 (November 2021)Keywords: Dana Hospitality, contract, food service locations, composting, capital investments2021/11/01, View
2761Dana Amendment No.3 (March 2022)Keywords: food service locations, Athletics Cafe, Dana Hospitality, contracts, food provider2022/03/28, View
2748Dana Hospitality ContractKeywords: Fabrice Lebeau, food prices, food provider contract2019/05/09, View
2703Dining and Hospitality Services Organizational Chart – April 2023Keywords: SHHS hierarchy, dining and hospitality, cafeterias, AMUSE Obtained through ATI Request.2023/08/02View
2780Dining Hall Food Committee Meeting (January 2023)Keywords: residences, residence councils, cafeteria, all-you-care-to-eat meal plan, meeting minutes2023/01/17, View
2785Executive Summary of Survey on Residential Dining (Dec 2022)Keywords: survey, dining halls, cafeterias, food affordability, sustainability, AYCTE meal plan, student dining experiences2023/01/19, View
2742Food Access on Macdonald Campus Keywords: Macdonald campus, MSEG, food desert, food inaccessibility2023/03/13,
2816Food and Dining Services Evaluation (2016)2016/12/30, View
2811Food and Dining Survey Results (Winter 2018)2018/07/01, View
2787Food Committee Meeting Minutes (February 2023)Keywords: SHHS meeting, AYCTE meal plan, food quality, dining halls, student residences, cafeterias2023/02/14, View
2718Food Services at McGill (GRASP)Compilation of McGill Daily articles and research by the GrassRoots Association for Student Power and …2023/08/02, , , View
2750Food Suppliers 2022-2023Keywords: SHHS, dining halls, cafeterias, Dana Hospitality, Coca-Cola2023/08/06, View
2726Former Sadie’s location remains vacant Keywords: Sadie’s, SSMU, SSMU Building, student-run cafés, finances2017/09/26,
2720GRASPé Presentation Pamphlet (2006)Keywords: GrassRoots Association for Student Power, anti-capitalism, anti-corporatization, Midnight Kitchen, tuition2006/01/01, , View
2713History of a food fight Keywords: cafeteria boycott, GRASP, Midnight Kitchen, Coca-Cola, Chartwells, CAFS, Architecture Café, student-run2008/03/27, , , , ,
2709Hundreds rally to save Arch Café Keywords: student protest, Architecture Café, boycott, EUS2010/09/23, ,
2743Kohlrabi Collective Final ReportKeywords: McGill Farmers’ Market, Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Gardens (MSEG), Organic Campus, sustainability, resource-sharing, food production, …2016/11/01, View
2733Leaving the starving student behind Keywords: eating disorders, mandatory meal plans, food affordability, food insecurity, cafeterias, dining halls2023/08/02
2817McGill Food and Dining Services Survey Results (2015)February-March 20152015/10/01, View
2819McGill Food and Dining Survey Results 2012-20112012/12/30, View
2818McGill Food and Dining Survey Results 20152015/05/01, View
2740Midnight Kitchen takes over Shatner’s Room 302 Keywords: SSMU building, Midnight Kitchen, renovations, closure of Architecture Café2011/01/10, , ,
2731MOTION REGARDING THE SSMU GROCERY PROGRAM FEEKeywords: SSMU, Grocery Program, fee levy, food security, food affordability2023/02/09View
2815Reasons for never purchasing from McGill Food Services (2016)2016/12/30, View
2729Residential Dining Services Survey Results (Fall 2022)Keywords: SHHS, cafeterias, sustainability, AYCTE meal plan, cafeterias, residences, food services, satisfaction survey, food prices, …2022/12/01, , View
2784Residential Dining Survey Questionnaire emailKeywords: Monique Lauzon, mandatory meal plan, AYCTE meal plan, flex2022/10/19, , View
2725Sadie’s permanently closes Keywords: Sadie’s, SSMU, SSMU building, closure, student-run café2017/04/18,
2736SHHS Budget FY21Keywords: SHHS, budget, cafeterias, food operations cost, finances2022/07/20, View
2734SHHS Budget FY22Keywords: SHHS, budget, fiscal year 22, funds, food operations cost2022/11/30, View
2705SHHS Organizational Chart – March 2023Keywords: SHHS hierarchy, administration, McGill, Mathieu Laperle, Fabrice Labeau Obtained through ATI request.2023/08/02View
2722SSMU Decorporatization Policy (2006)Policy proposed by GRASP to mandate SSMU to oppose negative corporate influence on campus. Passed …2006/09/01, View
2717SSMU will support campus food boycott Keywords: boycott, EUS, Architecture Café, SSMU2010/10/04,
2745Stop Corporate Influence on Campus PamphletKeywords: GRASP, corporatization, Chartwells, Coca-Cola, SSMU General Assembly2023/08/03, , View
2739Student-Run Café opens for business Keywords: The Nest, SSMU building, SSMU cafeteria, student-run café, sustainability, affordable2014/01/12,
2738Student-run café to open Jan. 6 in SSMU cafeteria Keywords: student-run café, SSMU cafeteria, SSMU building, sustainability2013/10/29,
2715Students boycott corporate food services Keywords: corporatization, boycott, Chartwells, Midnight Kitchen, GRASP2008/03/31, , , , ,
2747Students weigh in on food vendor changes Keywords: Redpath Café, food affordability, Sinfully Asian, Compass Group2014/09/15,
2716The Arch Effect Keywords: SNAX, AUS, Frostbite, MFDS boycott, Architecture Café2011/02/05,
2724The McGill Food Coalition Kick-Off Event – Community and Food Go Hand-in-Hand Keywords: McGill Food Coalition, Erik Chevrier, corporatization, food insecurity, exclusivity contracts, alternative food systems2019/11/28, ,
2786Transition to All-You-Care-To-Eat Interview emailKeywords: AYCTE meal plan, SHHS, McGill Daily, media request2023/02/08, View